Excellent Art....
can be defined not only by its price,
but by the quality of choice.

Since 1946 we are especially pleased to offer a broad range of objects to those interested in art, where personal taste along with quality awareness are more important than the price.

This company presentation should give you an overview of our yearlong success and make you aware, especially, of our different services. We invite you to discover our artists and our services and would be pleased to greet you personally on our premises...

Galerie von Abercron is a member of the German Art Trade Association (registered association) and the CINOA (Conféderation International des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art).




Expressionism Erich Heckel

Artwork of the month
Otto Geiß (1939-2005)
Ouverture for Blue and Violett, 1975



We are always interested in offers
of artworks by artists shown
in our gallery