Ruth Farivar-Mulisch Galerie von Abercron

Ruth Farivar-Mulisch,
Owner of the
Galerie von Abercron München

History of the Gallery


Founding of the "Kunsthaus Bodan" in Constance by Friedrich Mulisch and Commendatore Julius Mulisch
Main focus: old masters of the 14th to 18th century, high quality furniture and sculptures from the gothic and baroque periods as well as art from other countries outside Europe.

The "Kunsthaus Bodan" establishes itself as one of the leading addresses in Southern Germany and neighbouring countries.















Founding of the Galerie von Abercron in Cologne by Wilko von Abercron


The Galerie von Abercron takes over the exhibition rooms of the legendary gallery Günther Franke, in the Maximilianstraße in Munich, at first as a branch office.


Relocation of the Galerie von Abercron to Munich


Takeover of the "Kunsthaus Bodan" and restructuring by Ruth Farivar-Mulisch, daughter of the founder. A wide variety of art is offered, especially in the field of modern art and sculptures of the 20th century.


Business alliance between Wilko von Abercron and Ruth Farivar-Mulisch


Opening of a branch of the Galerie von Abercron in Munich for modern art in the former “Schloss-Theater” in the Nymphenburger Straße. After the unexpected death of Wilko von Abercron, Ms. Farivar-Mulisch takes over as sole manager.

since 2005

New registered seat with extensive exhibition rooms in the Bodenseestraße 216 in Munich.